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Shupaca Alpaca Knit Animal

Alpaca Knit Animal - Alpaca


Bring a slice of the Peruvian Highlands to your home with this adorable White Alpaca Knit Animal. It’s the cutest representation of the South American native complete with its long neck, shaggy hair, camel-like face, and long ears. You’ll enjoy the playful touches too –bright pops of color embellish the fringes attached to the ears, as well as braided coats that adorn their backs. These toys are hand-knit alpaca material – 100% Cotton.
Own your very own Alpaca with this Alpaca Knit Animal. Made from hand-knit alpaca material (100% cotton), this soft and adorable toy knows how to accessorize with fun and exciting color accents.

Hand Knit Alpaca Material - 100% Cotton