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Alpaca Throw Blanket - Apricot

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The classic striped pattern of the Apricot alpaca throw blanket is inspired by cozy comforts and its subtle and versatile design makes it suitable for any type of interior.  Not only does its palette of slate, blush, and peach add to its magnificent comfortable appeal, but it’s the alpaca fiber that makes this home accessory a must-have. Warmer than wool and soft as cashmere, this throw is also lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic. Add personality to any room in your home with an apricot alpaca blanket.

Material: 60% Alpaca / 40% Acrylic

Care Instructions:
Dryclean Option or
Machine wash, delicate/ Dryer on low to fluff fibers back up.
*Recommended:  Use a soft bristle brush (upholstery) to comb the fibers back in the direction of the weave and iron on low.

Customer Reviews

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Cool Coast
For a Cold Night

This throw keeps you warm on these cold winter nights. It's both warm and light! Perfect

Michele B.
Just Beautiful

I bought this particular item as gift for a friend after purchasing one for myself about a year ago. She loves it and says it is beautiful. (I haven't seen it in person myself yet). But let me tell you how I came to own mine... I attended the Telluride Brews and Blues festival last September. We rented tents that came with cots and sleeping bags that were rated to 30 degrees. Even so equipped, that first night was the coldest and most miserable I have ever been in my entire life. Seriously. Even fully clothed with a light down jacket on and my head so deep in the sleeping bag I could barely breathe, I nearly froze. I literally did not sleep all night. The next morning we went into town- and happened across a little boutique-like store that had alpaca hats on a table outside. And inside the store - full size alpaca blankets from Shupaca. I bought one - and a hat too - and between the two of them, they rescued my mini-vacation from going down in the annals of infamy. That night, wrapped up in that blanket, I slept like a baby. I didn't even wear my coat... I have been a fan of alpaca for a long time. I have alpaca sweaters and alpaca socks... Now, I have to admit, I'm probably closer to an addict... I can say the blankets from Shupaca are really high quality and the fiber content listed on the label is accurate. Some brands that claim to be alpaca are mostly acrylic with only a small percentage of alpaca - or are alpaca mixed with sheep wool. These are light weight, but not too thin either, soft and not the least bit "scratchy". In the winter at home, I put mine down on top of my fitted sheet, fold it over myself, then pull a down comforter over the top. It's soft - I never get that "shock" of laying on a cold sheet. I am toasty warm from the minute I crawl in bed through even the worst cold winter nights In the summer, I pull it over me on all but the most sweltering nights so the breeze from the ceiling fan doesn't give me the chills. I'm still somewhat amazed that I never get too hot or wake up in the night feeling sweaty. Must be because alpaca "breathes" ... Anyway, I couldn't be happier with my Shupaca blanket. Delivery was quick and price reasonable for the quality

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