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NEW! 100% Baby Alpaca Scarf - Spiced Apple by Shupaca

100% Baby Alpaca Scarves

Experience the epitome of luxury with baby alpaca fiber, the finest and softest grade of alpaca wool. This exquisite material provides unmatched softness, warmth, and comfort throughout the year. Despite its lightweight nature, baby alpaca fiber is remarkably strong and durable, ensuring long-lasting quality and satisfaction. Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence and wrap yourself in the luxurious beauty of baby alpaca fiber.
100% Baby Alpaca Throws Blankets - Shupaca

100% Baby Alpaca Throws Blankets

Experience the epitome of luxury with baby alpaca fiber, the finest and softest grade of alpaca wool. This exquisite material provides unmatched softness, warmth, and comfort throughout the year. Despite its lightweight nature, baby alpaca fiber is remarkably strong and durable, ensuring long-lasting quality and satisfaction. Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence and wrap yourself in the luxurious beauty of baby alpaca fiber.
Alpaca Accessories - Shupaca

Alpaca Accessories

Your cold weather wardrobe does not begin and end with a plush coat. Functional accessories are also key to surviving any season in comfortable style. Our selection of beanies, hats, gloves, and socks come in a wide variety of colors and prints –from your beloved neutrals and classic colors, to fun stripes and cool color blocking patterns. Shop our alpaca Accessories today.

Alpaca Beanies / Hats - Shupaca

Alpaca Beanies / Hats

When the temperatures fall or the wind rises, a dependable hat can make the difference between a miserable day and a wonderful winter adventure. Shupaca Alpaca Beanies/Hat will not only enhance your active lifestyle (no matter the weather, or if it’s a bad hair day or not), but will give your style a boost too. From slouchy beanies, snug caps, and ribbed knit patterns showcasing a wide array of colors and prints, these head accessories will make bundling up for the cold weather a breeze. Made from alpaca wool, these fashionable beanies and hats have unmatched softness, breathability, and comfort. They’re insulating, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant too. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or simply lounging at a café, you can rely on these accessories to keep you warm, dry, and cozy. Shop our Beanies and Hats Collection today.

Alpaca Clothing - Shupaca

Alpaca Clothing

Making great transitional pieces for times when the weather isn’t warm enough to bare your arms but you don’t want the bulk of a heavy coat, this selection of ponchos, sweaters, and oversized shawls can easily be paired with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings. From striped patterns with fringe detailing in different colorways to chunky patterns with a weave split design, these staple pieces are re imagined with style and function in mind. Made from alpaca wool, these garments are warmer than wool and soft as cashmere –giving you instant warmth and coziness, as well as a touch of relaxed elegance to your casual daytime and evening-wear. Shop our Alpaca Clothing Collection today.

Alpaca Fringed Scarves - Shupaca

Alpaca Fringed Scarves

There isn’t a cold-weather outfit that can’t be further elevated by wrapping an oversized, super-soft scarf around your neck. With Shupaca’s collection of Alpaca Fringe Scarves, you can certainly find your signature style –whether through minimalist or bold stripes, neutral-colored, or bright and punchy colors –or you can simply build a collection of scarves for different occasions. Wear a festive stripe with a polished overcoat, or a softer palette tucked into your voluminous puffer. Made from alpaca wool, these scarves are easy opportunities to stave off the cold without sacrificing style and comfort. Grab your Fringe Scarf today.
Alpaca Gloves - Shupaca

Alpaca Gloves

Join the trend with Shupaca alpaca gloves!  These accessories are now re-imagined with features of functional style that are both captivating and fashionable!  Whether full or fingerless, solid-colored or striped, classic or contemporary, these gloves will give your look an instant polish while making your winter commutes a little bit more productive. Made from alpaca fiber, these gloves boast of superb softness and warmth, keeping your hands nice and toasty.  Grab your pair of Gloves today!

Alpaca Neck Warmer - Highland - Turquoise by Shupaca

Alpaca Headband & Neck warmer

Shupaca’s Alpaca Headbands & Neck Warmers are the perfect companions this winter, whether you’re hitting the slopes or lounging at a café with your friends. Our neck warmers are soft, warm, and chunky, stylishly combining style and comfort as you wrap it around your neck and adorn your outfit with its wide assortment of colors –you can go classic with neutral blues and grays, or have more fun with turquoise and ruby hues. Our headbands, on the other hand, are chic accessories that will add flair to your look, especially when avoiding “hat hair” is a top priority. Made from alpaca wool, these accessories will give you the perfect excuse to partake in outdoor adventures. Shop our Headband & Neck Warmer Collection today
Alpaca Home Decor - Shupaca

Alpaca Home Decor

Inspired by accessible luxury, our alpaca home decor pieces are as stylish as they are plush. Find the same signature colors and prints of Shupaca, plus more fun yet sophisticated additions. These timeless throw blankets, pillows, and other décor will add personality and flair to any space. Use a blanket as a layering piece on your duvet cover or sofa, or place colorful pillows on a couch as accent pieces. Crafted from handmade alpaca wool, they’ll not only warm up any living space, but they’ll also give you incredibly soft, soothing, and cozy experiences that will make your home even homier. Shop our Home Décor Collection today.
Alpaca Infinity Scarves - Shupaca

Alpaca Infinity Scarves

Our Alpaca Infinity Scarves are just like our love for all things stylish, functional, and sustainable –it just goes on and on! Showcasing your favorite neutrals, refreshing color combinations, and a variety of textures and finishes on an endless loop, these scarves offer an effortless take on cold weather dressing. Made from an alpaca blend that is handcrafted in Peru, these lightweight and insulating scarves will not only provide limitless stylish possibilities, but also warmth, comfort, and durability you can always rely on. Shop our Infinity Scarves Collection today.

New! Alpaca Keychain - 6" by Shupaca

Alpaca Keychains

Our charming Alpaca Keychains isn't just an accessory; it's a statement! Designed to bring a smile to your face, each keychain features a delightfully soft, 100% alpaca sparkling with a golden gleam.
Alpaca Pillows - Shupaca

Alpaca Pillows

It’s tough to say what we love more about our Alpaca Pillows: their go-with-anything color palettes you can easily mix and match with your home décor, or their super-soft texture. Made from soft, warm, and lightweight alpaca wool, these home accessories are available in a range of colors, patterns, and textures. Some are minimalist in style, while the others are more playful with tassels and intricate lattice patterns –they’ll certainly add a cozy and inviting touch to sofas, reading nooks, beds, and beyond. Shop our Pillow Case Collection today. *High-quality Down-alternative Pillow insert included
Alpaca Sale - Shupaca

Alpaca Sale

Shop our alpaca sale today! All sale items are final.

Alpaca Scarves Collection - Shupaca

Alpaca Scarves Collection

There is no cold weather accessory more essential than a comfortable and versatile scarf. From classic neutrals that add subtle elegance to your outfit, to bright stripes, festive fringed edges, and textured yarn detailing that maximize style and personality, Shupaca’s alpaca scarves will add a new, cozy, and chic element to your ensembles. They’re seamless to wear as each piece successfully combines design with function. Made from sustainably-sourced alpaca wool, these modish scarves will not only stand out on dreary winter days, but their lightweight and insulating texture will also keep you cozy and warm no matter how low the temperature dips. Grab your alpaca Scarf today.
Alpaca Socks - Shupaca

Alpaca Socks

Made from a unique alpaca blend, these socks can provide unmatched softness, warmth, and comfort while keeping your feet fresh and dry.
They are moisture wicking and hypoallergenic so that your feet will not sweat or itch like regular wool! Our Alpaca Socks Collection provide thermal comfort and durability during the long winter months and best of all, you can add style to your footwear with our branded designs. Whether in solid neutral colors, or with color contrasting stripes, you’ll find these pieces to be your new cold weather essentials. Try a pair of alpaca Socks today and feel the difference.
Alpaca Stuffed Animals - Shupaca

Alpaca Stuffed Animals

Shupaca’s selection of 100% alpaca animals will provide years of imaginative playtime and infinite doses of superior snuggling. Handmade using real alpaca, the collection’s excellent quality and charm ensure that these cuddly creatures will be a welcome addition to your stuffed animal collection or to the cozy interiors of a playroom, nursery, or bedroom. They make the perfect gift too for the pet-lovers, the adventure-seekers, and those with the penchant for all things adorable. Shop our Alpaca Stuffed Animals Collection today.
Alpaca Throw Blankets - Shupaca

Alpaca Throw Blankets

Our Alpaca Throw Blankets will bring colorful and texture to your space. Cast in soft, minimalist hues or brighter striped patterns, these pieces will balance a variety of aesthetics with its soothing or invigorating color palettes, as well as its soft texture and velvety sheen. While these rustic yet refined alpaca throw blankets can be used as home décor –whether casually draped over furniture or layered over the bedspread –they are completely functional too and perfect for cozying up on chilly evenings. Made from an alpaca blend handcrafted in South America, our throws and blankets are impeccably soft and warm, and designed to last. Grab your alpaca Throw or Blanket today.

Alpaca Neck Warmer - Highland - Turquoise by Shupaca

Alpaca Wraps

Bundling up in style has never been this easy. Our collection of alpaca wraps will punctuate your look either with its cool color combo, a playful fringe detail, an over sized silhouette that spells relaxed elegance and sophistication, or its extremely soft and inviting texture. You can go for classic neutrals such as coal or navy blue one day, and then go bolder with richer hues such as ruby or turquoise the next. Whichever you choose, and whether draped or looped, you’ll stay nice and toasty. Made from alpaca wool, these wraps are impeccably soft, warm, lightweight, and durable. Shop today and feel the alpaca difference!

Artisanal Yarn - Shupaca

Artisanal Yarn

Our Artisanal Yarn collection gives a new look to our classic brushed style. Each product is crafted from yarns produced in small batches in the Highlands of Peru. This custom yarn is a blend of the finest qualities of alpaca fibers.  Sustainable, durable and a feel that gets better with age. Our Artisanal Yarn collection is eco-conscious, hypo-allergenic and light-weight. Available in throws, scarves and wraps.
Baby Alpaca Throws & Scarves - Shupaca

Baby Alpaca Throws & Scarves

Experience the epitome of luxury with baby alpaca fiber, the finest and softest grade of alpaca wool. This exquisite material provides unmatched softness, warmth, and comfort throughout the year. Despite its lightweight nature, baby alpaca fiber is remarkably strong and durable, ensuring long-lasting quality and satisfaction.

If you desire supreme quality and all-natural fibers, look no further than our collection of baby alpaca throws and scarves. With a stunning range of 20 colorways to choose from, you can find the perfect piece to complement your style and add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence and wrap yourself in the luxurious beauty of baby alpaca fiber.

Brushed Alpaca Scarves - Shupaca

Brushed Alpaca Scarves

Not all scarves are created equal. There are some that take it up a notch when it comes to marrying style with function. Our Brushed Alpaca Scarves won’t just keep you nice and toasty during those extra-brisk mornings, but will elevate your looks too. They feature an elegant brushed style technique, the signature South American artisanal craftsmanship that uses antique looms and traditional weaving methods native to the Highlands of Peru and Ecuador. The result is an alpaca blend that is warmer than wool, with an exquisitely soft texture that’s akin to cashmere, and a natural sheen that gives these accessories a luxe quality. Shop our Brushed Scarves Collection today.
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