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OVERVIEW got smashed, mashed, squashed, reconfigured and reconstructed to bring a great user experience to all our customers!  We even have our EASY ORDER PAGE for quick orders and Re-Orders!

To access the EASY ORDER PAGE in the future, simply go to the footer of the site and the "Easy Order Form".  

Shupaca Easy Order Form


THE BASICS uses Collections, Sub-Collections and Filters to help you easily Navigate the site.  All of Shupaca's Collections are listed in the header on every page.  Making it easy to jump around.

shupaca main navigation

Sub-Collections are organized on the drop down when you hover over a Collection in the header.  If you simply click the Sub-Collection you will see all products in that collection.

Shupacas Sub Navigation

 Or you can narrow your search even further by selecting any of the filter options below those.

Shupaca Navigation Filters

 From any page you can select any of those filters from within the collection directly from that page. 

Shupaca Individual Product Filters



Need to add large quantities to your order?  Or did you order something in the past and just want to order it again?  Use the Shupaca EASY ORDER FORM

1. Select the Collection you would like to pick items from

2. Order the products however you like (we like by SKU)

3. Select the quantities you would like to add to your cart,

4. Click ADD TO CART.  (although the qty may not update instantly on the header it will be in your cart)

You can keep adding items as you like and can always remove them from your cart as well.

Shupaca Easy Order Form


Forget what you had ordered before and wanted it again?  Use the RE-ORDER section on the EASY ORDER FORM

1. Select RE-ORDERS

2. Pick the Order and click "Re Order" 
(Note, this will add the entire order to the cart.  However items can still easily be increased or decrease from the shopping cart page)

3. Want to see what your order was?  Click "Show Order"

Shupaca Easy Order Form - ReOrder

Item is added to cart