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Alpaca Scarf Amethyst by Shupaca

Alpaca Scarf - Amethyst

$60.00 $30.00

Alpaca, one of the finest fibers in the world, make for the softest and warmest fabrics you will ever experience. This Amethyst Alpaca Scarf not only exhibits a beautiful green and slate color combo with a gradient effect, but the softness, warmth, and natural luster of alpaca. Its subtle sheen along with the fringed edges will definitely elevate any look, no matter how casual. Crafted from an alpaca and acrylic blend, this scarf will treat you to an accessory that is soft, warm, lightweight, and durable.

 This Amethyst Alpaca Scarf showcases a refined green and slate color palette with a gradient effect. Adding to its luxe look is alpaca fiber’s natural sheen. In addition, alpaca makes this accessory super-soft, warm, and lightweight.

Material: 80% Alpaca / 20% Acrylic
Size: 11" x 78"

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Beautiful colors
Beyond stunning!