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Alpaca Fringe Scarf - Boucle - Crimson

$85.00 $60.00

This Crimson Alpaca Scarf is perfect for subtly brightening up muted or monochromatic outfits. It’s edged with a fringe detail for a textural contrast and a fun, stylish twist. The stripe of crimson, gray, and blue reimagine a new neutral that has more flair and personality. Wearing it just draped at the front will already pull your look together. Made from a unique alpaca and nylon blend with artisan-made boucle yarn, this accessory is not only stylish, but also brimming with luxurious softness and warmth.

This Crimson Alpaca Scarf and its stunning stripe of red, blue, and gray, makes for a refreshing new accessory that could add subtle flair to any look. Its alpaca and nylon blend guarantee amazing warmth and softness too.

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