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Alpaca Stuffed Animal - Lion - Small 9"


A collection of stuffed animals would be incomplete without the king of the jungle. This 9" Alpaca Stuffed Lion is roaring with cuteness –who can resist those bright eyes, adorable face, and bushy tail? What gives this stuffy its cuddle factor is its unique composition. Made from 100% alpaca fleece handcrafted by Peruvian artisans, this delightful creature will be the softest thing you will ever own. Or, surprise a fellow animal lover with this one-of-a-kind stuffed animal.

Complete your stuffed animal collection with an Alpaca Stuffed Lion. The king of the jungle sports its warm, cuddly side with its 100% alpaca composition that is irresistible to the touch

(Please note, unless color is specified, we will send an assortment of colors. If specification is made we will do our best to accommodate depending on available. Colors will vary from photos)

(These items have not been tested for childrens safety and are not recommended for children)

MATERIAL - 100% Baby Alpaca 
CARE - Spot wash with mild detergent

Customer Reviews

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I want at least one of each. They look adorable. If they are cuddly, they will be irresistible.

Rick in VT
So sweet!

We bought the small lion for our granddaughter and cannot wait to give it to her! It is so soft and cute- just like the picture ❤️

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